We want to let you know we take quality very seriously and broadly. We try to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible; for you, for your health and for your grandchildren. We have the earth in loan from our grandchildren. Therefore we care for it, the best we can.



Each room has Greensleep-beds installed. These beds are of highest quality, with only natural materials : non-toxic glue, ideal for every weight, a length of 2,20 meter, with mattrasses of natural latex. Organic cotton for linnen and pure woollen four-seasons top; never too cold, and never too warm.


We warm the house with natural gas. As the house is pretty cool in summer because of thick walls and double glass window pane, in winter it will remain pleasantly warm.

All our electricity is 100 % green. We take it from Ecopower, a cooperative that only produces green electricity, mainly produced with windturbines. Saving bulbs are not even mentioned.


All our walls and woodworks are painted with natural paints, mainly loam paint. This gives a warm result without toxic residues. The old wooden and stone floors have been treated with natural oils.


We buy almost all our food products of organic and fairtrade origin. General food and cleaning products come from an organic supermarket. Fresh fruit is found at the organic market (only 100 meter from our door), exotic organic products are Fairtrade, …

We do the cleaning with ecological cleaning products, mainly Ecover. We do the washing with nutshells and Sonnett. Bedlinen and towels (organic cotton) are dried, when possible, in the wind. For toilet use, only 100% recycled paper is available.


Whenever possible we use products with re-use and refill-packaging. We sort all waste : paper, glass, possible cans/plastic bottles leave the house separately. This way we reduce the waste to an absolute minimum.