Situation & activities



When leaving our house, one is immediately in the middle of an active city with lots of possibilities. All following suggestions are at the most 500 meters from aanaajaanaa, so easily reached on foot. Further suggestions are readily given upon arrival.


  • De Centrale : intercultural centre
  • De Vlaamse Opera : the whole season opera en concerts on high level
  • Handelsbeurs : concertbuilding, worldmusic and classical music
  • Poëziecentrum : archive and shop of Dutch poetry
  • Sphinx : European and World films to bes een here. Also visit Sphinx-café, not only before o rafter the film.
  • Werregarenstraatje : better known as ‘graffiti-street’, free place for graffiti, with arty works



  • Antiques curiosa : Bij Sint-Jacobs, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 till 13.00 hrs
  • Flowers : Kouter, Sundays from 7.00 till 13.00 uur, with brassband from 10.30 hrs from May to September
  • Organic Food : Groentenmarkt, Fridays from 7.30 till 13.00 hrs
  • Daily Market : Vrijdagmarkt, Fridays from 8.00 till 13.00 hrs

To Do

  • Tourism Information : with many further suggestions (only 250 metres from our house)
  • Boating on and strolling along Leie and Schelde
  • Van Eyck swimmingpool : art deco and seen in international films. Have a swim yourself, also in the evenings and in the weekends.
  • Guided and unguided tours : on foot, by boat, in horse-drawn coaches


Impossible to name all of them. We make a vegetarian-friendly choice:

  • Komkommertijd : vegan all-you-can-eat buffet, Reep 14
  • Lekker GEC : vegan organic buffet, Poel 7
  • Mie Vie : vegan sandwiches and salads, Serpentstraat 28
  • Panda : vegetarian kitchen, Oudburg 38
  • Tasty World : organic and fairtrade vegetarian/vegan fastfood, Hoogpoort 1

Café’s and bars

Seen the enormous number in the inner city of Ghent, we limit this list to some suggestions in our street :

As you see, the choice is yours.


Also for shopping our place is a good base-camp : in Hoogpoort some very known specialities-shops : curiosa, interior, style, lingerie, …